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BNSF Mexico is here to help you ship freight by rail into and out of Mexico. Choose BNSF Mexico for carload and intermodal rail shipments between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada because we offer unmatched opportunity, flexibility and support.

The 32,500-mile BNSF network, including 5 US-Mexico gateways, gives you the opportunity to reach key markets across North America.

We offer the flexibility of many service options, including carload, transload and intermodal (Mexi-Modal) that let you ship all major commodities into and out of Mexico.

You'll get personal support from a bilingual team with deep expertise in US-Mexico shipping opportunities, plus a suite of eTools that make shipping easier.

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Through five gateways to our own 32,500-mile network and through connections with Mexican and U.S. and Canadian carrier partners, BNSF Mexico can get your shipments to and from all key locations in Mexico and the U.S. and Canada.


BNSF Mexico offers a range of rail solutions, including carload, transload and intermodal, to help you ship freight to Mexico and from Mexico, including all major commodities, from raw materials to finished products.


Whether you’re shipping freight to Mexico or from Mexico, BNSF Mexico has a bilingual team in both Mexico and the United States ready to give you one-on-one support and a suite of eTools that make managing your shipping easier than ever.